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This Ebook is Exclusive to PLREBOOKS365 it is handwritten/requested so we are glad to add it to our shop! This book will cover all things budgeting if you are in this niche this can fit perfect to offer to your customers.


Chapter 1 - Whаt Is Budgeting?

Chapter 2 - Setting Up A Budget

Chapter 3 - Budgеt Bootcamp

Chapter 4 - Budgеtіng Tірѕ

Chapter 5 - Goal Sеttіng

Chapter 6 - Mіѕtаkеѕ Tо Avoid

Chapter 7 - Maintaining Yоur Budgеt


  • You can resell or rebrand this product legally.
    Become the author and resell as your own legally.
    Resell with no limits.
    Keep 100% of the profits.
    Private Label Rights

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