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There is no other device that changed our lives like computers. The growth of computers and related technologies has been so unprecedented that, it has found a place in every aspect of human life. Be it for fun, relaxation or money, people use this device widely so much that, itís found in almost every establishment. Philosophically, everything in life comes with a clause. Itís same with the so-called magic device, ëcomputerí. There has been a lot of discussion in the media about the side effects of using computers for a long time. After revolutionizing the world with its multitude of uses, the health hazards of long time computer usage became a real revelation for the millions of computer users. It all started in the 80ís and as years passed, more studies revealed many astonishing facts. The most common ailments related to computer usage are vision defects and wrist injuries. According to American optometric association, 12 million Americans visit eye doctors due to computer related problems. Though these facts can be quite frightening, you need not panic as a little care can make you devoid of these even if you are a regular computer user.

Healthy Computing

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