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Receive your own fully pre-built online business with the latest PLR eBooks and other digital products to sell. Gain immediate access and keep 100% of your earnings. Our best Franchisee is now making around $40,000 per month. This business has no end which means that you can generate an unlimited amount of money. Will you be the one to surpass the income of our best franchisee?

Receive your own fully pre-built PLR website identical to ours (All included).

  • Make money online with a fully prebuilt website identical to ours delivered to you within 24 hours with the latest PLR eBooks and other digital products to sell.

    You will have the exact same design and pages that we have including all products and services. The pages included in your website are: Store, Free Access, Franchise (Optional), Reviews, Blog, Contact. (You can remove or add more pages if you wish. The website will be 100% yours and you can transform it/redesign it in any way you want or keep it as is!)

    Marketing Training & Support. Get all the training and support you need to be successful. (Private assistance will be available to you 24/7 through What'sApp or any platform of your choice.)

    Hi there, I'm in charge of the creation of your website. 

    You will receive it within 5 to 24 hours, built exactly like our website, with all our products and services, ready to generate money. 

    Expect a fully functional website ready to make you money instantly!

    My best franchisee is currently generating $40,000 per month. Anyone can make that amount, it doesn't take specific experience. All it takes is dedication and consistency.

    The potential of the website we offer is huge and we are confident that you will benefit from a steady gain that will meet your expectations.

    We will create your website exactly like the one we have including all our products and services in just a few hours.

    You will receive a fully functional website ready for immediate use.

    The website is 100% automated so you will invest as little as 2 to 3 hours per day on taking emails, answering your customers questions, promotions and adding new products.

    You will be guided on how to use the online chat, how to send marketing emails, how to add new products and much more. It's all very simple. We have members with 0 computer experience running their own PLR website so well.

    In addition, you will have access to the Wix mobile app allowing you to connect to manage everything directly from your phone. This will allow you to stay up to date with everything that's happening on your site anywhere and at all times

    The Benefits of Owning a PLR Website

    Have an automated online store with top-selling digital products.

    Automated business that can sit on auto-run, generating you sales while you're sleeping.

    ​Have a business where you can brand your very own unique ideas and keep 100% of the profits.

    Save yourself months and months of strenuous work in paying a web designer, uploading products, graphic design.

    Have an inventory-free store, with zero shipping worries and zero physical products.

    Save yourself loads of time and research in searching for the right digital products to sell.

    Be able to run your website with zero technical skills.

    Be able to answer customer chats, view sales, and make modifications all from your mobile.

    Personal mentor and support: We will assign you a business coach who will be dedicated to helping and supporting you in your business journey (via whatsapp, email, conference calls, etc.)

    No experience necessary, you just have to follow step by step and replicate the same marketing method that Rick Landry will show you. All Franchisee receive advanced training and ongoing mentoring from Rick Landry. Many Franchisees reached financial freedom through our money-focused education, and more and more success stories are reported every day. Here you can surround yourself with a team of action-takers, motivated allies pushing you to your financial conquest. From top to bottom, we've built a profitable website for you to own starting from today. This method will allow you to escape the 9 to 5. Once you reach the 6-figure threshold, we begin to teach you investment strategies to multiply your profits. The final step is mentoring you on how to leverage your income and accelerate your business growth. Rick Landry's teaching comes from experience, not theory. He made over $1M in profits using the methods that he will teach you. His mission is to guide and mentor you throughout your business journey. Every single day.

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