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Virtually everyone has dreams and desires within them that they would like to achieve, but many question whether they have the ability to achieve those dreams and desires. They lack the selfconfidence in themselves and their abilities to believe that their dreams and desires are achievable. They often think that their dreams and desires are just wishful fantasies that can’t be realistically achieved. In order to achieve your dreams and desires, you must realize that you have the capability to achieve them, you have the greatness within you to achieve those dreams and desires. Everyone is capable of achieving great things and accomplishments, but many times in our society, we are held back by one or more obstacles that prevent us from realizing this capability. The obstacles can vary; one such obstacle is that we are instilled with a limiting belief when we are very young that we can only achieve so much in our lives. It can be if we come from a poor family with very limited means and resources that we can’t get enough education and/or enough opportunity to raise ourselves out of poverty and into a higher wealth status. Our family has been poor for so long and our opportunities so limited that we just come to “accept the fact” that we can’t break out of that status and must continue to maintain that status.

The Greatness Withing You

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